Here’s a list of some of the talks that I’ve given, in approximately reverse chronological order.

  • Dreaming of a better home media experience at GUADEC 2017 (slides | video)

    I walk through common use-cases with respect to how users experience media in their homes, what pieces we already have in GNOME, and what we would need to go the rest of the way to provide what our users want.

  • A quick dive into GObject Internals (video)

  • The GNOME Audio Story at GNOME Asia 2015 (slides)

    Covering the various pieces in the GNOME stack, why they exist and what they do, and what a person wanting to write audio-related software might want to use.

  • PulseAudio: I’ve presented a number of PulseAudio-related talks over the years — here are a few:

    • A new episode of the PulseAudio Status Update at GUADEC 2015 (video)

    • Return of the PulseAudio Status Update at the GStreamer Conference 2013 (video and slides)

    • PulseAudio Status Update at the GStreamer Conference 2011 (video and slides)

    • PulseAudio In The Embedded World as ELCE 2010 (video | slides)

  • i’m in yur code, vectorising it at (pdf)

    This one’s a talk about Orc, an assembly-like language used to simplify writing SIMD assembly. The slides are a bit sparse since I did a couple of code walkthroughs.

  • Gentoo Ebuilds 101 at (lyx | latex | pdf)

    This talk provides an introduction to Gentoo Linux’ ebuilds, which lie at the heart of its portage system how to install a given package. The purpose was to introduce would-be Gentoo contributors to a low-barrier point-of-entry. The TeX/LyX source uses the FoilTeX package.

  • Talk on the Reiser4 file system (odp | pdf)

    This presentation was the topic of my seminar in the 8th semester of my engineering course. It deals with the now defunct(?) Reiser4 file system. Broadly speaking, it introduces the limitations faced in file systems today, and what Reiser4 does to address these problems.

  • Talk on File Systems for the BLUG (odp | pdf)

    I gave this talk at the April 2004 meet of the Bangalore Linux Users’ Group. The talk covers an introduction to some major file systems in Linux – ext2, ext3, Reiser3, XFS and JFS – and then shares the results of some rudimentary benchmarking.

  • Talk on SDL for the BLUG (odp | pdf)

    I co-authored this talk with Vibhu Rishi at September 2003 meet of the Bangalore Linux Users’ Group. We introduced the popular Simple Directmedia Layer, explained a number of its features and ancillary libraries, and then demonstrated a simple example and a couple of games we’d made.