I hack on a number of things. Most recently these include:

  • GStreamer — I maintain the AWS S3 plugin, the PulseAudio plugin, and contribute to a number of other audio and non-audio aspects of the framework

  • PipeWire — the new de-facto standard audio server for the Linux desktop. I’ve done work on implementing features such as IRQ-based scheduling for ALSA devices, echo cancellation and a number of additions to pipewire-pulse to allow users to transition easily from PulseAudio

  • PulseAudio — the previously de-facto and still widely used audio server on Linux systems, in addition to on-going maintenance and development, I’ve done a bunch of work on getting PulseAudio working on embedded systems

For more specific contributions, you can check freedesktop.org and Github.

I’ve also done a number of talks about some of this work, and other related topics.

Once upon a time, I was involved in some academia.