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PulseAudio in Google Summer of Code 2012

If you’re a student participating in this year’s edition of Google Summer of Code and want to get your hands dirty with some fun low-level hacking, here’s a quick reminder that PulseAudio is a participating organisation for the first time, and we have some nice ideas for you to hack on.

The deadline for applications is 2 days away, so get those applications in soon! If you’ve got questions, feel free to drop by #pulseaudio on the Freenode IRC network and ping us. (I’m Ford_Prefect there for those who don’t know)

GNOME Asia 2011

Just a quick (and late!) heads-up for all of you who missed it — the GNOME Asia Summit 2011 is happening in Bangalore this week, with a bunch of really cool people doing hackfests through the week, and whole bunch of talks on Saturday and Sunday (April 2nd and 3rd).

I’ll be presenting a talk titled DLNA in a GNOME 3 World, talking about Rygel and the work we’ve been doing on gupnp-dlna to make DLNA rock on GNOME.

If you’re in or around Bangalore and contribute to or are interested in contributing to GNOME, you really have no excuse to not attend (heck, entry’s free). This applies doubly to students who are looking for cool stuff to do for the Google Summer of Code this year. So, do drop by and say hello! :)