You can find some of my academic work from my days at IIT Kanpur here. Feel free to get in touch with me about these if you have any queries (I make no promises about remembering much about what I did ;)).

  • The Impact of Current Storage Techniques on Modern File systems

    This is a survey paper that looks at modern storage techniques, particularly network and distributed storage and how file system design has changed to account for these.

  • SEcure Neighbour Discovery (SEND) for IPv6) (slides)

    In the IPv4 world, ARP poisoning is a simple attack on LANs that allow an attacker to intercept all the packets of a victim. Neighbour Discovery (ND), which performs this and several additional functions in the IPv6 protocol suffers from the same problems. This talk and paper look at SEND, an extension of IPv6 ND that uses public-key cryptography to address this problem.

  • Secure Routing for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (slides)

    Several security issues arise when considering routing in ad-hoc networks because a number of (non-trusted) intermediate nodes participate in the routing process. This talk introduces some ad-hoc routing protocols, general attacks that might be launched, and some secure routing protocols that tackle these.