Four years

Four years and what seems like a lifetime ago, I jumped aboard the ship Collabora Multimedia, and set sail for adventure and lands unknown. We sailed through strange new seas, to exotic lands, defeated many monsters, and, I feel, had some positive impact on the world around us. Last Friday, on my request, I got dropped back at the shore.

I’ve had an insanely fun time at Collabora, working with absurdly talented and dedicated people. Nevertheless, I’ve come to the point where I feel like I need something of a break. I’m not sure what’s next, other than a month or two of rest and relaxation — reading, cycling, travel, and catching up with some of the things I’ve been promising to do if only I had more time. Yes, that includes PulseAudio and GStreamer hacking as well. :-)

And there’ll be more updates and blog posts too!


Add yours

  1. Wow! is RTW (Around the world) trip planned? Cannot wait to hear about the upcoming adventures.

    Keep me posted!

  2. Good luck and hope you defeat more monsters and ride a dragon.

  3. Have a great time and enjoy this deserved freedom!

  4. I am gonna join your club soon.

  5. People on the boat miss you. It was a pleasure sailing by your side. Hopefully we will do so again.

  6. Good luck one your future adventures!

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