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  1. Hi, do you think you could fill is in on the state of audio latency post android 4.1, I understand the galaxy nexus now has decent audio but I’m unaware or any other devices..

  2. Little question from a ubuntu-user. Is there a Android app for PulseAudio? Is there an add-on for DLNA output?

    I ask that because I use my Laptop with the 5.1 Soundcard from my Desktop. If I could use the desktop sound card on my phone I could turn my phone to the only voice chat tool I have to need and could be able to use my Headset at home also with my phone.

    DLNA output could be Great for using my TV as Audio output device (Maybe as VideoFile so a Videostrem in Future could be add). Every TV is able to use DLNA but remotecontrole a TV from a Phone needs an extra App (and I do not know what they stream to the TV manufacturer)

    What I also wish, is an Auto configuration tool for Pulseaudio. If I connect a Microphone Pulse Audio could maybe Use it to detect what Speaker are connected, what latency they have and what volume control in fact is able to change the volume.

    Maybe it could exist a time in a Future state, who One little Server could handle all Audiostreams at home.

    kind regards AdlerHorst

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