PulseAudio 1.1 (the echo release?)

Yep, if we keep this up, it could even become a habit!

PulseAudio 1.1 is out. It’s mostly a bunch of bug fixes on top of 1.0. Most important of these are fixes for: a libpulse dependency on libsamplerate (if enabled) which would make our LGPL license invalid, broken Skype audio capture (because we changed from a 3 number version to 2 numbers), broken startup without a DBus session bus running, and not going crazy on USB disconnects.

This should be a very safe upgrade, so grab it while it’s hot!


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  1. Is it still as much of a CPU drainer as it been before? Can’t understand that PulseAudio requires 10-20 times more CPU power than pure ALSA to play the same mp3.

    • That sort of thing is usually a driver bug — PulseAudio does a bunch of things with ALSA to save power that require drivers to function correctly, and sometimes the do not. This situation has become a lot better in recent years, and if you’re facing such a problem still, the only way it’ll get fixed is if bug reports are filed.

  2. is there a ppa for this latest version.

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