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  1. You said like an lunatic asshole in that bug report. I’m not surprised they’re ignoring you, because you’re being so RUDE.

    “I will be writing to your CEO about this”

    “I am not a typical user or customer, I am the maintainer of a key component of the default sound stack on Linux”

    “treat me with at least a modicum of respect”

    It’s their damn software. If they don’t want to fix a bug then that’s what they’ll do. Do you even have any kind of business relationship with them?

    • That wasn’t Arun commenting on the bug report. That was Colin Guthrie, one of the core PulseAudio developers. And yes, he is known for his arrogance. But still, Adobe clearly shows they’re not interested in fixing Linux bugs. All they want is a Linux Flash plugin that just happens to run, so it looks good on paper (for their “platform coverage” claims).

      • I don’t know why you think Colin is arrogant. He and others in our community spend a lot of time dealing with issues like these where programs misbehave. His first comment (the one at the bottom of the page) was a very reasonable request to engage with the community (this is the second bug filed for this btw — the first one just disappeared when they switched systems).

        And after all this effort, their reply is “meh, can’t be bothered, maybe we’ll get to it eventually”.

    • The second comment had a lot of overreaction, but the first was very reasonable and polite, and didn’t deserve the response Adobe gave.

    • Steve: as others mentioned, the top-most reply was made after the bug was closed.

      It’s not about Adobe having a business relationship with us. It /is/ their damn software, and they /do/ have an obligation to not break the system when used. And they should treat people who are taking the trouble to chase down bugs with a modicum of respect, especially the ones who will be supporting end-users and taking flak for Adobe’s mistakes.

  2. Not that you care, but Adobe does not play well on Windows system either.

    You cannot simply download Adobe Flash or Reader for Window anymore and then install it offline. Nope. You can only download their downloader which will download and install the app. Plus, Flash is slow and buggy.

    Give it a few more years and Adobe will be irrelevant.

  3. “State Closed Status Deferred Reason LowImpact”

    That sounds like a feature request bug report for any other Adobe product that asks for linux support.

  4. If I had a dime for every bug fixed by disabling pulseaudio I’d be rich.

  5. Now we just need a web standard for accessing audio/video recording devices using plain HTML, and we can actually get rid of Flash.

  6. In my opinion the standard itself exists with the actual html 5 drafts and ECMA-262, edition 5 spec for javascript.

    Actual browsers (of course, except everything below IE 9) are now able to provide a environment to replace flash. Give it some time, standards will become widely accepted and stable.

    Adobe will not change its way of doing business until it stops producing money. So, maybe we get rid of flash, but Adobe will stand its ground.

    • I think all these problems will get sorted when PulseAudio gets matured enough that users and distros will take it for granted, will be the standard userspace sound mixer, just like X.org is the standard video mixer. Of course, there are alternatives like ncurses and framebuffer, but the standard is X11.

  7. Hello,

    I recently posted another case, for the latest release of their 10-line of players. I also made a suggestion, that this is a bug of enumeration, because of a rather odd ALSA device (that is also a video card) present in my system, but it seems like this is one of those multi-version serious BUGs. Unlike your experience, I received a follow-up e-mail asking more details about my hardware. Maybe, their priority is fixing v10, and the 11th (unreleased yet, right?) is being tested by another team of inexperienced (and lazy) `QA engineers’? :D


  8. Daniel M: You’ll find downloads on Adobe’s web site here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/fp_distribution3.html http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/

    Although I had to get their “permission” first before they would email me the links because I’m an “enterprise consumer”.

  9. Given Adobe’s history of (not) fixing bugs, and Flash’s history as a marvelous playground for malware, I would no longer dream of running it on my desktop except inside an isolated, disposable VM (with no sensitive information and nothing installed besides the browser). This may be beyond the technical ability of most users who care to use Flash, but it works for me.

    Flash can’t mess up my desktop because it can’t even see it.

    (The first time I saw flash (1997), my gut reaction was “eeewww!” Nothing I have seen since then has challenged that impression.)

  10. Wow.. Image if all software companies acted like this. I actually had to read it twice due to the “Shock and Awe” effect.

    Looks like, according to them, the Open Source community is a miniscule percentage of the people that don’t run the norm (Windows, Mac OS X, etc). Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

    I have been operating FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Gentoo Linux systems (mostly servers) for a little over a decade. I’ve had my run around from some of these people that put Windows/Mac above anything and the other operating systems (Linux, *BSD, Solaris, etc) can be of lowest priority possible. It’s even more fun when you try to get a specific device to run in Linux due to a freakin’ NDA. What.. afraid we might find what your crappy driver is really made of? Afraid we might improve it and make it more efficient?

    Word of advice, Adobe.. Maybe you should make the source available for Adobe Flash Player.. That way we don’t have to wait on you to fix your bugs. It’s not like we’re asking for the full source code for Flash.

    Sorry for the vent. Just sick of large corporations ignoring us or acting like asses.

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