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PulseAudio in Google Summer of Code 2012

If you’re a student participating in this year’s edition of Google Summer of Code and want to get your hands dirty with some fun low-level hacking, here’s a quick reminder that PulseAudio is a participating organisation for the first time, and we have some nice ideas for you to hack on. The deadline for applications […]

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GNOME Asia 2011

Just a quick (and late!) heads-up for all of you who missed it — the GNOME Asia Summit 2011 is happening in Bangalore this week, with a bunch of really cool people doing hackfests through the week, and whole bunch of talks on Saturday and Sunday (April 2nd and 3rd). I’ll be presenting a talk […]

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He xells, xea xea-xells on the xesam xhore

After a look at this blog entry and some gentle prodding from Mikkel, I decided to actually get down to updating the Xesam adaptor to the latest spec. With that done, and a little cheating (i.e. not really doing any parsing on the userQuery), Mikkel’s simple-ui and xesam-adaptor now talk to each other. Whoopee! There’s […]

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It’s (almost) alive!

Is no news really good news? :-) Well, I’ve got some code up and running. It doesn’t install anywhere yet, but does talk Xesam in it’s own limited and special way. The parser is possibly not too efficient, and definitely has trouble parsing more complex queries (ones with multiple or data elements). You can find […]

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It starts …

Exam done. Got cracking on the code today. Slow start, but some progress made. I’ve now got the skeleton code to hook up to DBus and listen for messages. You can even connect to my tool using the Xesam NewSession method, but that’s about it. I’ve started out with GetProperty, but came upon an interesting […]

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SoC Goodness

I’d mentioned that I’d be participating in the the Google Summer of Code programme this year. More details ensue … I will be working on Beagle, an uber-cool desktop search tool. The idea behind such a tool is that most of us today work with a massive amount of diverse information everyday. Often we find […]

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Things good and bad

Alas, Kurt Vonnegut is no more. Time I read Slaughterhouse 5. Currently on Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Time, it is short, as the semester end nears. And it appears that I will be busy this summer. Not much else that is spectacularly worthy of reporting. Now to read about routing protocols in mobile, wireless, […]

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