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PulseAudio vs. AudioFlinger: Fight!

I’ve been meaning to try this for a while, and we’ve heard a number of requests from the community as well. Recently, I got some time here at Collabora to give it a go — that is, to get PulseAudio running on an Android device and see how it compares with Android’s AudioFlinger. The Contenders […]

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Well done, Adobe!

In an unsurprising turn of events, Adobe completely fails to play well with modern Linux systems. Well done, guys. Well done, indeed. p.s.: I was quite happy to see that the Google Talk plugin has proper PulseAudio support (thanks to the WebRTC née GIPS code, it looks like).

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LPC ho!

I’m going to be at the Linux Plumbers’ Conference next week, speaking about the things we’ve been doing to make passthrough audio on Linux kick ass. If you’re around and interested, do drop by!

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More PulseAudio power goodness

[tl;dr — if you're using GNOME or a GStreamer-based player, not using the Rhythmbox crossfading backend, and want to try to save ~0.5 W of power, jump to end of the post] Lennart pointed to another blog post about actually putting PulseAudio’s power-saving capabilities to use on your system. The latter provides a hack-ish way […]

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GNOME3 Power Settings

Richard Hughes recently posted about the recent GNOME3 Power Settings design that got a lot of people (myself included) hot and bothered. As I said in my comment, I think that a lot of people prefer that their laptop stay on when the lid is closed. There are clearly other who, like myself, would prefer […]

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Pure EFI Linux Boot on Macbooks

My company was really kind to get me a Macbook Pro (the 13.3-inch “5.5″ variant). It is an awesome piece of hardware! (especially after my own PoS HP laptop I’ve been cussing at for a while now) That said, I still don’t like the idea of running a proprietary operating system on it (as beautiful […]

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It’s pronounced Gwahdec

I’ve been terrible about it, but here’s the big update — I just got back today after spending the last week at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, location of the first co-located GUADEC and aKademy. It’s been amazing, and I don’t know where to start. Let’s try the beginning. The GNOME Foundation has funded a […]

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Nouveau … I lau eet

I’d tried the Nouveau drivers for my NVidia GeForce Go 7400 a long time ago, and they sucked as much as the nv drivers (I’d tried to help a dev fix a few things, but without much success). I decided to ditch my proprietary drivers today to give them another whirl. I have nothing much […]

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New Gentoo Website

Gentoo’s website is definitely going to be looking better. I missed Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia yesterday. Wonder if I might’ve liked it. The price one pays for not reading the newspaper (gently poking guilt into at least one reader, I think grin). Bought “The Very Best of MTV Unplugged – Vol 3″ a while back. Generally […]

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