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Note to self: On (not) buying books

Dear Future Me, I know you’ve hit that point again. You’re about to buy a few books, you’re this close to hitting “Buy”, but you keep thinking — there must be a better way! You ran out of space on the shelves a while back. The books are stacking up high on the remaining available […]

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George Orwell on literature and intellectual honesty

If you find yourself saying tl;dr very often, you should probably stop reading now. Madhu, being the awesome cousin that she is, sent me Books v. Cigarettes, a while ago. It’s an anthology of assorted George Orwell articles and musings, amongst which is The Prevention Of Literature — a powerful essay about the function of […]

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A Bibliophile’s Review of the Amazon Kindle

When it comes to books I’m really old school. Starting from the pleasure of discovering a book you’ve been dying to find, nestled between two otherwise forgettable books in the store, to the crinkling goodness of a new book, the reflexive care to not damage the spine unduly, inscriptions from decades past in second-hand books, […]

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It’s been long since I wrote about anything non-specific. I guess it’s a common symptom amongst bloggers from my generation (age jokes will draw ire). For me, it just stopped being so important to say anything, what with every major insight seeming pretty ciichéd and/or obvious by the time I got down to writing it. […]

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JK Rowling is teh suck?

Orson Scott Card slams J.K. Rowling for her latest lawsuit.

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I don’t know

Today was the last day of Alfaaz, the literary festival at college. The last 2 days have been horribly busy, so I missed a lot of good stuff. I did make it to the book fair, though. I browsed around, found a lot of popular stuff, and some less common stuff, particularly from Yoda Press […]

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Y’know, stuff, things

Welcome back to the second episode of Arun Unleashed (though I find myself less inclined to blog these days). Reading TP‘s Wyrd Sisters. I thought I’d finished all of the older Discworld stuff. Pleasantly surprised to have not. :-) For those of you that’ve been living under a very large rock, Radiohead has released their […]

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I think I used to have a voice

Ah, I’m back. In a revolutionary fit of life changing, I have decided to try to be regular about blogging again. And as I type this out, I have completely forgotten everything that I wanted to blog about. Flup. Books. I got my hands on a few and, shockingly, read them. Going through a manic […]

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Dear Dr. P. K. Kelkar …

There is something absurdly wonderful about being lost in a library. Just finished The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood). Fame well-deserved. On to Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (but hopefully not too soon).

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Kama Ruchi Lokat

Went out to Loka Ruchi today, way down Mysore Road. Amazing North Karnataka food. Brilliant time. Read Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. Quite good (albeit somewhat morbid). Theme somewhat similar to Fight Club. This is the book his publishers found too disturbing to publish (Palahniuk, it seems, decided to write something even more disturbing to […]

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