FOSSKriti ’09 is *here*

Been a hectic few months, but I could hardly miss posting about this. Some of you might remember the little F/OSS miniconf, we did last year at Techkriti, IIT Kanpur’s technical festival. FOSSKriti ’08 sparked off a number of great F/OSS events in colleges across the country. FOSSKriti ’09 is now here, bigger and badder than ever (for small values of ever :P)!

Last year, we started planning the event sometime in mid-Jan, and we did the best we could in about a month. This year, Shashank (better known as Chintal), Zakir, Surya, and the rest of team had more time, and you can tell that they’ve been busy. The theme for this year is "The Open Web", and we have an awesome line-up of talks, workshops, and hackfests around this theme. We’ve got folks from Mozilla, Drupal, Yahoo, and Sahana and more. It’s going to be four butt-kickingly amazing days!

Bottom line: If you’re in the vicinity, be there. It’s happening from Feb 12th to 15th, at IIT Kanpur.

FOSSKriti '09 - The Open Web

p.s.: It blows that I can’t make it. :(

W00tness is coming

So I’ve been running across the country a little these last couple of weeks. Went to IIT Bombay to attend a test and interview for an MTech through RA at the Kanwal Rekhi School of IT (which, BTW, is a very rocking place). Did reasonably well on the test. The interview was so-so. Results awaited. Met some of the old schoolmates. ‘Twas fun. The Turner Road area has changed and not changed.

A week subsequently, I went to IIT Kanpur for another test and interview. IIT Kanpur is overrun with peacocks and insanely cool bird-life. Weather is extreme, but the CSE department appears to be incredibly cool (some thanks to the central air-conditioning). The test went okay. The interview could have gone significantly better. Something about that place is intimidating. After that, went to IIT Delhi for another interview. This too did not go as well as I’d have liked. Wish I weren’t so rusty. Somehow, though, I made it into both these places, for an MTech in CS.

In the mean time, my I-20 for an MS from Pennsylvania State University (the only University in the US that accepted me — 2 results still pending (wake up Boston and Rutgers!)). Not the smallest hint of financial assistance.

What remains — counselling (thank $deity there isn’t another interview) at IIT Kharagpur. Then interviews for MSc admissions at IIT Madras and IISc.

Alrighty then. Where do I stand? Barring significant changes, it seems that I will soon head to IIT Kanpur, simply because they seem to have the best Operating Systems related work happening in India (am trying to find out about Kgp and IISc but information is hard to come by). I’m not sure how it compares with PSU, but PSU seems to lose in terms of affordability. Maybe if (when?) I choose to do a PhD.

So that’s that. Well, my dear reader, if you have any information about good OS-related work in any of these places, or other information you think might be useful, do let me know.