It starts …

So this is the proverbial it. FOSS.IN/2008 starts today. We took some hard decisions to come upon the current format. We have an amazing lineup of stuff that’s happening through every day (don’t believe me? See the schedule). All systems are, in fact, go (I feel more redundant with every passing year). I think this poster sums it up the best (shoutout to Hari for the awesome artwork!):

In the unlikely event that you’re still wondering what FOSS.IN is all about, and whether you should come, just head on over and check out the little video we’ve made. It should answer any questions that you have about what the 2008 edition of FOSS.IN is all about.

Time to head to the venue now, see you there!

p.s.: I like this one too :-) …

FOSS.IN/2008: Taking it to the next level

Finally, after ages, “soon” is here, and my loyal readers can ascertain that I am, in fact, still alive. A wider, life update will come later (heh), but for now …

Preparation for FOSS.IN/2008 is well on way, and this year is going to be different. The Call for Participation is out. The newest thing in there is that there aren’t going to be nearly as many talks as before. You’ll see the term FOSS WorkOuts rather prominently displayed, and this is where the action is going to be. We’re going to be seeing a lot more doing than in years gone by. Head on over to the CfP to learn more.

Atul’s post on the new format has caused some furore in the community, in addition to some pockets of encouragement (links abound and the topic is hackneyed, so no linky). All I have to add is this — a lot of people who are working on distros and doing packaging seem to be gravely offended. Well, I’m a packager too (erm, did I mention that I am now a Gentoo developer?), and there is no reason to take offense. What we’re trying to say is that we can be achieving more at the event to increase both the number of contributors as well as the depth of contribution, and the latter especially is the focus. I can expound on about this, but there’s been enough talk.

The cool folks over at IndLinux have already started plotting, and we’ve been trying to get some traction on some GNOME performance work. Hope we can get some more folks to run with it. I, for one, am looking eagerly forward to the proposals we get this year.