Fragments in the Analysis of College Rejection Letters

One may unambiguously state that the UWisconsin, Madison and Rutgers, New Brunswick write the nicest letters of rejections.

Okay, so maybe it’s time for some updates

  • Li’l while back, I (after promising not to) went to Blossom and (after, again, promising not to), bought books. Three of ’em. Larry Niven’s The Ringworld Engineers, Michael Moore’s Dude, Where’s My Country, and Gary Zakov’s The Dancing Wu Li Masters. In a shocking turn of circumstances, I’ve finished reading all of them too. *gasp* (they’re all quite decent (barring the slight let-down of the Ringworld sequel) — *pats self on the back for displaying such remarkable taste)
  • Am now reading Robert Pirsig’s Lila. The metaphysical parts of the book (which started out being quite reasonable in ZAMM) have become spotty and hollow in this, but the character of Lila is (as intended?) quite intriguing
  • I’m self-interfering with parentheses again. :-)
  • I didn’t make it to the IISc MS programme. I’m starting to get good at botching up interviews
  • Python is a rather uncomfortable language to look at (particularly w.r.t. scoping rules, absolute disregard for encapsulation and so forth)
  • In random order, watched Bang, Bang You’re Dead, Man On The Moon, Annie Hall, Cruel Intentions (uggggh!), Samsara, and Gori Vatra — good stuff (barring the absolute dross that was Cruel Intentions).

And I’ve quit Synopsys, what with my plan to pursue “higher” “studies” in this government college in UP. ‘Twas most agonizing, particularly leaving good friends behind.

Am now in the market for a laptop, subject to successful scrounging of funds. Looking at the HP Pavilion dv5118tx/dv52xxtx, if I can get a good deal. The only competitor, the Dell Inspiron 6400 (a.k.a. E1505) lost out due to pathetic reliability of Dell laptops (Earth to Michael Dell — are you listening?).

Much cleaning, packing to do. Can’t believe I’m leaving Bangalore. Youch.