I am passionate about building high quality, reliable, useful software, and have worked on several projects spanning varied domains, from video streaming, real-time communications, in-flight systems, to robotics.

This work has cut across form factors with widely varying requirements, going all the way from large, powerful servers to resource-constrained handheld devices. If you think you might be able to use my help, feel free to contact me.

Some recent projects that I have worked on involved:

  • Augmented Samsung Research America’s open source group, and built a synchronised streaming library.

  • Design and implementation of the software stack on a video capture and streaming appliance, and remote ingestion/processing of the corresponding media

  • Improvements to the PulseAudio echo cancellation module to use recent webrtc.org audio processing features (better analog gain control, beamforming, …) and integration with existing embedded platforms

  • Contributions during the process of open-sourcing of the OpenWebRTC stack, including general review and stabilisation, improvements to iOS/OS X support, and bitrate adaptation

  • Work on various parts of an in-flight entertainment system

  • Corporate training on PulseAudio and GStreamer for teams building platforms and products based on these projects

In addition to this, I also contribute to a few open source software projects.