I am passionate about building high quality, reliable, useful software. If you think you might be able to use my help, feel free to contact me.

Some recent projects that I have worked on:

As part of Samsung Research America’s open source group, built a synchronised streaming library and improved accelerated media support on Exynos SoC-based devices.

Worked with a funded Bay Area startup on design and implementation of a system for video capture and streaming using various depth-based cameras, with cloud-based ingestion and processing of the stream.

Helped with the open-sourcing of the OpenWebRTC stack, including general review and stabilisation, improvements to iOS/OS X support, and bitrate adaptation.

Made improvements to the PulseAudio echo cenceller to use recent webrtc.org audio processing features. Read more about this work here and here.

Corporate training on PulseAudio and GStreamer for teams building platforms and products based on these projects.

I have also worked on several other projects (some under NDA), spanning such varied domains as:

  • Video streaming
  • Real-time communications
  • In-flight systems
  • Multi-room audio
  • Robotics

Of course, in addition to this, I also contribute to a few open source software projects.