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Introducing peerflixsrc

Some of you might have been following all the brouhaha over Popcorn Time. I won’t get into the arguments that can be made for and against at the moment. While poking around at what it was that Popcorn Time was doing, I stumbled upon peerflix, a Node.js-based application that takes a .torrent file that points […]

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GStreamer Hackfest 2014

Last weekend, I was at the GStreamer Hackfest in Munich. As usual, it was a blast — we got much done, and it was a pleasure to meet the fine folks who bring you your favourite multimedia framework again. Thanks to the conference for providing funding to make this possible! My plan was to work […]

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Picking your battles

Most of you have no doubt already seen that Mozilla will be changing their position on H.264 support for HTML5 video in future releases. This is an extremely important decision that I’ve been hoping to see for a while now, and I am really glad this is being done. There is no doubt that we […]

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More PulseAudio power goodness

[tl;dr — if you're using GNOME or a GStreamer-based player, not using the Rhythmbox crossfading backend, and want to try to save ~0.5 W of power, jump to end of the post] Lennart pointed to another blog post about actually putting PulseAudio’s power-saving capabilities to use on your system. The latter provides a hack-ish way […]

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Portage 2.1_pre1 is in portage and marked ~x86. Improvements include a revamped cache (why am I not seeing the difference), elog to help track einfo/ewarn/eerror messages better. Wheee! And if you haven’t already, emerge ferringb‘s awesome confcache for caching the autoconf stuff. Does anybody know a good place to get high-quality CS GATE practise papers?

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Mobile * Mail

So There’s GMail Mobile now. Doesn’t work on my T630 (yet, I hope). Yahoo’s WAP access is pretty good. One wonders how long this mutual catch-up game will continue. Rather amusing. Hope to have an AMD64 box in less than a month. An interesting thing to note — tags – gotta love ‘em. But most […]

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As I said

Do you really want this to happen? Yes, yes, I know it’s an old article – I’m just caatching up with my reading ever so slowly now.

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Cairo is in Egypt

Cairo, which GTK+ 2.8 uses, makes DejaVu Condensed fonts (kind of like Bitstream Vera, only more complete and not so fat) look noticeably sharper. Or am I just imagining things? Does font rendering get assisted by Cairo, or is it only Xft? In other news, life goes on. Work is work. Play is … hardly. […]

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So I was watching one of Scott Wheeler’s presentations (link) on what will (hopefully) be KDE4′s new metadata system. The idea is to create a system where you give up the hierarchical (directory-based) paradigm in favour of a search-based one. Maybe the solution is too simplistic for now, and a hybrid model with a shallow […]

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So I’m at my parent’s place in Gurgaon. They have an Airtel DSL connection for Internet access. I brought Fedora Core 4 along to install on my Dad’s laptop, and what I describe here is how I did it. Hopefully it’s useful to someone. Assumption – you’re using a USB DSL modem provided by Airtel […]

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