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GNOME Asia 2011

Just a quick (and late!) heads-up for all of you who missed it — the GNOME Asia Summit 2011 is happening in Bangalore this week, with a bunch of really cool people doing hackfests through the week, and whole bunch of talks on Saturday and Sunday (April 2nd and 3rd). I’ll be presenting a talk […]

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Updates from the Rygel + DLNA world

Things have been awfully quiet since Zeeshan’s posted about the work we’ve been doing on DLNA support in Rygel. Since I’ve released GUPnP DLNA 0.3.0, I thought this is a good time to explain what we’ve been up to. This is also a sort of expansion of my Lightning Talk from GUADEC, since 5 minutes […]

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(Gst)Discovering Vala

My exploits at Collabora Multimedia currently involve a brief detour into hacking on Rygel, specifically improving the DLNA profile name guessing. We wanted to use Edward‘s work on GstDiscoverer work, and Rygel is written in Vala, so the first thing to do was write Vala bindings for GstDiscoverer. This turned out to be somewhat easier […]

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