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Note to self: On (not) buying books

Dear Future Me, I know you’ve hit that point again. You’re about to buy a few books, you’re this close to hitting “Buy”, but you keep thinking — there must be a better way! You ran out of space on the shelves a while back. The books are stacking up high on the remaining available […]

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The funnies

From a random link: My future wasn’t just stolen. It was taken into a back alley, beaten, raped, stabbed, and then tossed back out into the street to die right in front of my eyes.

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HDFC Bank is teh suck

Never, ever go to HDFC Bank for a housing loan. They’re third-class brokers for the HDFC Ltd., who actually give you the loan. Deal with HDFC Ltd. directly instead — they’re relatively decent and polite, don’t make false promises, don’t make you run around and don’t tell bare-faced lies.

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It absolutely sucks to be a buyer in a seller’s market.

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As I said

Do you really want this to happen? Yes, yes, I know it’s an old article – I’m just caatching up with my reading ever so slowly now.

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Stupid stupid stupid

I wish IBM could have stood up for this Gaurav Sabnis fellow. Not endorse his view, but not succumb to bullshit like “bad publicity”. Stupid pusillanimous corporates and their unwillingness to make moral stands. [Addendum: Naivete is bad. Perhaps all is not to be taken at face value] [Addendum2: IIPM's "legal" notice was such a […]

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GNOME Bangalore, my butt

Happened to be visiting gnomebangalore.org, and saw this. GNOME Bangalore is most certainly not, if the “Community” (it infuriates me that this is the word used) Meet is “OPEN TO: Those currently in NOSIP and those interested to join or know more about the program.” Okay, maybe I’m wrong and it’s just an error. That […]

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