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In another life, maybe …

… or so I would like to tell myself. From the Blogerazzi’s blog (reminds me of Mrs. Bose (any FAPSians out here?), English class, Hamlet, and wasted days (in a mostly good sense)): Marginalia Sometimes the notes are ferocious, skirmishes against the author raging along the borders of every page in tiny black script. If […]

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Poetry is the gateway to the soul … not!

This was a reply to someone who asked the general public for a love poem Tiger, tiger, burning bright, I’ve got butterflies in my tummy, Pitiful, how pitiful, is my plight, I’ve got the tongue of a mummy. Oh what limpid pools — her eyes, And her hair smells a little like litchi, My head, […]

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Nimma Deddy Yaaru?

A black void infinite, A thousand million points of light, Perhaps six times that, Would they would shine. But, Each, if at all, Glows feebly, Weakly, gently, dropping light, Not an arms length away. To compound, Each is captured, Enraptured, By it’s own undazzling non-brilliance, (Oh, I’m so pretty!) Never realising, That it exists to […]

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A worthy read, this. God save them from us plebes. He calls them fish, and I call them sheep. Also, therefrom, … A Dream Deferred — by Langston Hughes What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run? Does it […]

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Stolen from <a href="http://treeland.rediffiland.com">gaya tree</a>

A Note Life is the only way to get covered in leaves, catch your breath on the sand, rise on wings; to be a dog, or stroke its warm fur; to tell pain from everything it’s not; to squeeze inside events, dawdle in views, to seek the least of all possible mistakes. An extraordinary chance […]

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Gosh, he’s awesome

Ode to a Baby — by Ogden Nash A bit of talcum Is always walcum.

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