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Random stuff

Watched Forrest Gump again (beginning to end for the first time, actually). Some random reading later, came upon this rather interesting article about Robin Wright Penn. Trent Reznor has released the download/payment stats for Saul Williams’ album (which is available for free or USD 5 — your choice) at NiN.com. He finds the results (about […]

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Waat eet ees, thees "vaari vaari"

IOHC over. Went quite well. 102 teams, 51 from IITK, 51 from outside. ~15 teams from outside India. Awesome fun. The contest is now open to all (for as long as I can persuade the authorities to let us retain an external IP). Won 3rd prize in Chaos (it’s an event where you’re given some […]

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To hell with middlemen

Here I go, turn the page. In a surprising turn of events I watched Lage Raho Munna Bhai today. It was funny in bits, but basically the second in the line of pedantic, preachy Hindi movies I’ve watched (the previous being Rang De Basanti). It’s quite hilarious, how all the people who watch these movies […]

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Fragments in the Analysis of College Rejection Letters

One may unambiguously state that the UWisconsin, Madison and Rutgers, New Brunswick write the nicest letters of rejections. Okay, so maybe it’s time for some updates Li’l while back, I (after promising not to) went to Blossom and (after, again, promising not to), bought books. Three of ‘em. Larry Niven’s The Ringworld Engineers, Michael Moore’s […]

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So I finished reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray today. Oscar Wilde writes … well, words would not do it justice. The effect on the senses defeats any attempt to describe. What next? Possibly Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. Though I do crave for some Sci-Fi. Watched some part of Contact. I want to read the […]

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Ai saala … abhi, abhi

Watched Rang De Basanti just now. Silly movie. Bits of decent acting, often finding juvenile ways of messing with the emotions. Someone tell wasshisface Rakyesh to pull his head out of the ground already. The music, now that’s a different story. I particularly liked the track at the beginning (where they keep going “Cruise Control!” […]

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