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Pure EFI Linux Boot on Macbooks

My company was really kind to get me a Macbook Pro (the 13.3-inch “5.5″ variant). It is an awesome piece of hardware! (especially after my own PoS HP laptop I’ve been cussing at for a while now) That said, I still don’t like the idea of running a proprietary operating system on it (as beautiful […]

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Of bloodletting imminent

So after all my whining about Dell laptops sucking and painting apocalyptic imagery of failing hard disks on those things,, the hard disk on my laptop seems to have problems. BIOS self-test as well as Seagate’s own SeaTools confirm it. First saw this as a set of failed writes in Linux. Mid-term tomorrow, so no […]

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<em>Fake</em> …

Too long. Got here (== UP) a couple of weeks ago. Getting monstrously slammed in Math, but studies are interesting, and being done far closer to right than under the aegis of the much venerated bastion of education of which I am but a chipping. Rooms are decent, food is decent (except that I’ve transferred […]

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Happy Lappy

Idle thought — the tags field in Logjam should be below the text entry field. How do I know what I want to tag my entry with before I even start typing? So I got meself the HP Pavilion DV5200TX. It’s not bad, as laptops go. I’ve got only one complaint — the damn blue […]

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