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W00tness is coming

So I’ve been running across the country a little these last couple of weeks. Went to IIT Bombay to attend a test and interview for an MTech through RA at the Kanwal Rekhi School of IT (which, BTW, is a very rocking place). Did reasonably well on the test. The interview was so-so. Results awaited. […]

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And again …

So I’m off to Delhi, then Kanpur, then Delhi, then back to Bangalore over the next 6 days. Solpa hectic schedule. Test, interviews at IITK and IITD. Let’s see how things go. I’ve never, to my recollection, been nervous before a test. Even a little. So this is a first little. :-) All this public […]

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Oh well …

Didn’t make it through the SERC test. Oh well. Thanks much to all for the wishes! Oh right. Forgot to update. Ranked 129 on GATE. Was (and is) a total shock.

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Thanks to everbody for the pre-GATE wishes! It went quite terribly, actually. Oh well, once again. Now to grab a little R&R.

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Of forebodings

GATE is today. Sinking feeling. Resignation. Oh well, what the hell. :-)

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Portage 2.1_pre1 is in portage and marked ~x86. Improvements include a revamped cache (why am I not seeing the difference), elog to help track einfo/ewarn/eerror messages better. Wheee! And if you haven’t already, emerge ferringb‘s awesome confcache for caching the autoconf stuff. Does anybody know a good place to get high-quality CS GATE practise papers?

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