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George Orwell on literature and intellectual honesty

If you find yourself saying tl;dr very often, you should probably stop reading now. Madhu, being the awesome cousin that she is, sent me Books v. Cigarettes, a while ago. It’s an anthology of assorted George Orwell articles and musings, amongst which is The Prevention Of Literature — a powerful essay about the function of […]

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Copy — right?

So were chatting about copyrights and I stumbled upon the website of the Government of India's Copyright Office, and some clickety clicking later, came upon The Handbook of Copyright Law. Wanted to chronicle interesting bits for posterity. Fair use: Includes standard stuff like research, private study, criticism/review, reporting current events, judicial proceeding, amateur performance to […]

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It’d suck if there isn’t a videocast of this

It sure would be nice to be able to attend this.

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