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The times they are a-changin’

Yesterday was my last day at NVidia. I’ve worked with the Embedded Software team there for the last 15 months, specifically on the system software for a Linux based stack that you will see some time next year. I’ve had a great time there, learning new things, and doing everything from tweaking bit-banging I²C implementations […]

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FOSSKriti ’09 is *here*

Been a hectic few months, but I could hardly miss posting about this. Some of you might remember the little F/OSS miniconf, we did last year at Techkriti, IIT Kanpur’s technical festival. FOSSKriti ’08 sparked off a number of great F/OSS events in colleges across the country. FOSSKriti ’09 is now here, bigger and badder than ever (for small […]

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IITK Fascism Update

So we (some of us students) met and decided to do something about the sudden implementation of the Internet shutdown from 0000-0600. Some updates: The intimation about doing this was sent at 2357 hours today (yesterday, to be precise) to all. The notification basically stated that because of “undesirable activities”, Internet will, with immediate effect, […]

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Knock knock …

Been a good week. I crossed 50 commits to Beagle. They’re all pretty modest contributions, but it’s been awesome fun. In addition, pkgcore 0.4.4 has my patch to support HTTP proxies for rsync. This was a fun patch to write, small as it is. The code is beautiful, and Brian Harring (ferringb) and Patrick Lauer […]

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FOSSKriti photos and slides

The slides for the FOSSKriti talks and workshops are up on the site. And late as they may be — the photos!

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FOSSKriti Finalé

FOSSKriti is winding up now. Today was also very good. We started with Piyush continuing the KDE track, this time for developers. It was a good talk — the quick ‘n dirty PyQt demo was the icing on the cake. It really showed people how easy working on desktop apps can be. We had a […]

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… addendum

Can’t believe I forgot this — even before the Beagle Hackfest started, Sainath got started on hacking up a Beagle search plugin for Pidgin. You just select some text, and you can easily start a Beagle search with a couple of clicks. And it extends well to any search service. He’s going to release this […]

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FOSSKriti Goodness

So the Beagle Hackfest happened on Thursday, starting at 10 p.m. We expected a few people, but were pleasantly surprised by the 60 who turned up. I might’ve scared off 20 of them with my initial presentation on what and why were were there. That still left us with 40+ really enthusiastic people. We had […]

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And the surprises are out …

And the surprise is out — the wonderful folks at Cleartrip.com (especially Saurabh Nanda), in addition to being awesome and supporting sponsors, are going to be delivering two workshops. The workshops are on Ruby on Rails (a hackfest will follow the workshop) and Common Lisp. I was around when these guys were planning out the […]

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FOSSकृति Update

Things are going well on the FOSSKriti front. We’ve got an awesome set of talks and workshops (but you’re going to have to wait to find out more here). We’ve got a great set of speakers who are not only good at what they do, but passionate to boot. It’s going to be legen…<wait for […]

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