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i’m in yur analog gain, controlling it

Longish day, but I did want to post something fun before going to sleep — I just pushed out patches to hook up the WebRTC folks’ analog gain control to PulseAudio. So your mic will automatically adjust the input level based on how loud you’re speaking. It’s quite quick to adapt if you’re too loud, […]

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Notes from the Prague Audio BoFs

As I’d blogged about last week, we had a couple of Audio BoF sessions last week. Here’s a summary of what was discussed. I’ve collected items in relevance order rather than chronological order to make for easier reading. I think I have everything covered, I’ll update this post if one of the attendees points out […]

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For those who are in Prague for GstConf, LinuxCon, ELCE, etc. — don’t forget we’ve a couple of interesting audio-related things happening: Today (Tuesday), at 4 pm, I’ll be talking about recent developments in PulseAudio Tomorrow (Wednesday), at 11am, we’re continuing the Audio BoF that I had mentioned earlier (since we ran out of time […]

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PulseAudio 1.1 (the echo release?)

Yep, if we keep this up, it could even become a habit! PulseAudio 1.1 is out. It’s mostly a bunch of bug fixes on top of 1.0. Most important of these are fixes for: a libpulse dependency on libsamplerate (if enabled) which would make our LGPL license invalid, broken Skype audio capture (because we changed […]

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Alternate sample rates

I’ve just pushed a bunch of patches by Pierre-Louis Bossart that can have a pretty decent CPU/power impact. These introduce the concept of an “alternate sample rate”. Currently, PulseAudio runs all your devices at a default sample rate, which is set to 44.1 kHz on most systems (this can be configured). All streams running at […]

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More conferences than you can shake a stick at

Prague is an interesting place to be at this time of the year — next week it’s playing host to the Real Time Linux Workshop. The week after that, we have the Kernel Summit, GStreamer Conference, Embedded Linux Conference Europe and LinuxCon Europe. I’m going to be at the last 3, and there’s some great […]

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As Colin Guthrie reports, PulseAudio 1.0 is now out the door! There’s a lot of new things in the release, and we should be getting a much more regular release schedule going. Head over to the full release notes for more details. A lot of people have contributed to this release and thanks to them […]

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Well done, Adobe!

In an unsurprising turn of events, Adobe completely fails to play well with modern Linux systems. Well done, guys. Well done, indeed. p.s.: I was quite happy to see that the Google Talk plugin has proper PulseAudio support (thanks to the WebRTC née GIPS code, it looks like).

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LPC ho!

I’m going to be at the Linux Plumbers’ Conference next week, speaking about the things we’ve been doing to make passthrough audio on Linux kick ass. If you’re around and interested, do drop by!

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Hello … hello … hello!

I have a secret to confess. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few months talking to myself. I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed it — it turns out my capacity to entertain myself is far greater than initially suspected. But I hear you ask … why? Here at Collabora, I’ve been […]

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