Oh man

Sometimes, human beings (in the loosest sense of the word) scare me senseless. The comments there are hilarious too. I don’t know why the sensible even bother arguing, though. [Update: I might have fallen for a really awesome prank here]

Have Foo Fighters’ Everlong on loop today. Something about that song. A very apt song just got hit on the playlist, though. :)

Pick a colour … Any Colour You Like

[A lot of this is going to sound hackneyed and childish. There is language that some might regret reading. Go away.]

Whether working for two years before doing an MTech was a good idea is still somewhat an open question. Well, there are a lot of questions there, but one thing I got was perspective.

Mundanely enough, I understand a lot more about personal finances than I did, and that’s a good thing. (I just read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Content is okay, but presentation is very much teh suck)

Secondly, I now have a lot more perspective on how exploitative work life is today (hope a certain friend doing 16-hour days isn’t reading this … if you are, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you). Whether we want it or not, we all (I’m generalising, so sue me) fall into the trap — this needs to be done, this is a really important project. Agendas (agendae?), prioritised action items. It’s how we’re programmed — hard work good, life bad. So fucking forth.

To what end? More work, greater responsibility (so that’s okay), more stress, a litle more money for me, a lot more money for my employer. Corporations continue to exploit customers and consumers. The rich slowly get richer, the cog turns a little faster, that it’s master needn’t wait so long to rake in that much more. Time with your family? Don’t make me laugh. Participate in social activities (there are things other than cocktail parties, cherie)? The Master owns your society, and deigns that you need not participate.

I’m bad at articulating this shit. There are many who are infinitely better. And all for nought. Noam Chomsky likes to think that the revolution is coming. That’s a load of bull. No such thing is happening. And I think he Gandhi said something cloyingly optimistic to the effect that The Man is always beaten. Fat fucking chance this times. You’ve been pwn3d. Deal with it.

Ah yes, it’s Chuck Palahniuk that articulates it better. I remember now. Him and a bunch of others.

Alright. Break’s over. Back to the wheel, boys and girls.