Eastwind Festival

The icing on the cake that was my time at Freed.in was that I got to spend one evening at the Eastwind Festival (thanks to Piyush Verma for the ride that made this possible!)

It was brilliant. I got to listen to the Raghu Dixit Project (and get on their blog, to boot) and Junkyard Groove. These are both amazingly talented bands, and I do hope to catch some more of their music in the days to come. I got some pretty neat photos at the concert.

I bought 2 CDs — Raghu Dixit’s first, eponymous album, and Pentagram’s It’s OK, It’s All Good (the one with Voice) on it. They’re both awesome buys. I can’t wait for Junkyard Groove to get some of their music out too (are you listening guys? Someone point them to this blog post please!)

(Addendum: The Raghu Dixit CD comes with 2 copies of the CD — one for you, and one to give to a friend. This is such an awesome idea — kudos to Counter Culture (the label) for going with this idea. You guys rock!)

(Addendum 2: More photos here.)

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