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In a totally unexpected set of circumstances, I am now at as a volunteer! And this time is just awesome.

I missed day 1, unfortunately, what with campus placements going on. I made it here on the evening of the 4th, too late to be of any use. Joined yesterday for PD #2, and things were running so smoothly, I was floored. I love the Project Days. With a 5-day conference, you know that the people who show up mean business. The atmosphere is more charged than ever with a lot fewer participants.

At this point, I should probably send out a big hello to Mary Colvig and the Mozilla folks. In addition to the tons of goodies they brought along, they threw an awesome Mozilla party last night at Opus. Thanks guys! (and here‘s proof of my loyalty. :D)

The KDE guys deserve appreciation too. Pradeepto and gang have really put in a lot of effort into the KDE project day, and KDE’s presence at and I think I can safely say this is justified. The amount of interest in the Qt and KDE talks was quite impressive. Good show, guys!

Main Conf day 1 was … surprising. Every year we have a massive crowd at registration. But not this year. I was a bit disappointed at first. A lot of the rush of volunteering at (this is my 4th time) is seeing a huge crowd of people waiting outside, getting inside, watching, moving, interacting. This time, however, I guess we achieved what we set out to … focus on contribution. Maybe it was just me, but everything this time just seemed more focused, like everyone was out to do something.

I’ve got some photos up here. These should get some additions in the next 2 days. Particularly interesting are the crowds in the FOSS Expo, and the H@ckC3nt3r (did I spell that right, Gopal? :P).

It’s been a tiring 2 days, nonetheless. Last night was long thanks Air Deccan. The up side was that we got to meet and . Need to sleep now and get ready for the 2 days to come. Whee!

p.s.: Opening an OLPC laptop is not easy. As Tom Callaway (the guy evilly grinning at our valiant effort) pointed out, it’s designed to be easy for a child and difficult for adults. You have to see it to believe it. Prady opened it in a few seconds, proving the theory. :-)

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  1. And here I am at home, doing nothing at all, while all you guys are having fun <_< Grrrr.

    Words cannot describe my frustration :|


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