Hoo boy

How do these motherfuckers even get elected? Rhetoric. Don’t even try.

Maybe it’s time I started voting. I have half a mind of standing for the next election for a guaranteed losing party titled “None Of The Above”.

20 thoughts on “Hoo boy

  1. [oh good, i was feeling bad that i had never voted once in my life, despite talking very loudly about democracy. tis good to know that i’m not alone ;)]

    but, coming to the main point: yes yes child, go and vote. show that your forefathers did not fight for freedom and go to jail for nothing. show some respect for the idea of democracy!

  2. does “None of the above” have importance – like if 30% of populace says none of the above… all those who stood for election are debarred for life!!!

    it doesnt matter – now … we are fucked

  3. I’m pushing for reservations and quotas for thought challenged people like me (only way I can get into a IIT).

  4. by the way, i didnt get the details; do you know if these guys are interested only in IIT / IIMs … or they have plans to screw-up IISc / ISI / TIFR like places too ?

  5. How do these motherfuckers even get elected? What, do you have faith in humanity’s intelligence? What else did you expect?

  6. ?You are Maharashtrian?

    It really is a nice language to cuss in. The diction and the delivery is to kill for.

  7. I came to your LJ through several people like , , and so on….

    I am curious to know about your username…do you have any connection with Washington University in St Louis, which could also be louiswu? Or is it a random name?

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