Stupid stupid stupid

I wish IBM could have stood up for this Gaurav Sabnis fellow. Not endorse his view, but not succumb to bullshit like “bad publicity”. Stupid pusillanimous corporates and their unwillingness to make moral stands.

[Addendum: Naivete is bad. Perhaps all is not to be taken at face value]

[Addendum2: IIPM’s “legal” notice was such a gas]

[Addendum3: As pointed out, the guy’s manager asked him to reconsider, so IBM technically did do something to stand up for him]

3 thoughts on “Stupid stupid stupid

  1. This story was also run on NDTV profit. Looks like the mainstream media is warming up to blogging and freedom of speech rights associated with it.

  2. Just in case someone reads your post and doesn’t get it:

    IBM did stand up for Gaurav, and stood solidly behind him, refusing to bend to IIPM’s bullying, even when IIPM threatened to burn all their Thinkpads in front of IBM’s office. Gaurav resigned because he wanted to protect his employer, and to IBM’s credit they tried to talk him out of that action, without ever once asking him to withdraw his blog posts or anything like that.

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