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That’s right. This year, IIT Kanpur’s techfest, Techkriti, is going to host FOSSKriti — our very own F/OSS mini-conference. We’re having talks, BoF sessions, workshops and maybe a hackfest or two. It is going to be legendary! More updates in the days to come. Nirbheek and I are going to be trying to arrange a […]

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It’s true, I swear

This is what happens at our lab. I work hard, git-bisectin’ away to glory, while makes his significant contribution.

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Maybe I’m too cynical

There’s a talk by NRN going on. Got bored and walked off while he was preaching the importance of putting the good of society above our own. The talk was preceded by a short speech by Arun Shourie. He had the audience in fits, slamming politicians, and actually making the point that NRN was trying […]

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I think I used to have a voice

Ah, I’m back. In a revolutionary fit of life changing, I have decided to try to be regular about blogging again. And as I type this out, I have completely forgotten everything that I wanted to blog about. Flup. Books. I got my hands on a few and, shockingly, read them. Going through a manic […]

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Dear Dr. P. K. Kelkar …

There is something absurdly wonderful about being lost in a library. Just finished The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood). Fame well-deserved. On to Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (but hopefully not too soon).

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Saw some Outlook ratings recently (the page is dead, but cached here) for Engineering colleges. I’ve traditionally held that these rankings are bullshit. Ranks are often handed out on a highest-bidder basis, all else, including metrics, being decided arbitrarily. Ignoring relative rankings, I scanned through for a list of colleges I recognised. There were a […]

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Things good and bad

Alas, Kurt Vonnegut is no more. Time I read Slaughterhouse 5. Currently on Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Time, it is short, as the semester end nears. And it appears that I will be busy this summer. Not much else that is spectacularly worthy of reporting. Now to read about routing protocols in mobile, wireless, […]

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… and the day they stopped

Finished reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories (Rushdie) yesterday. ‘Tis very good reading, across ages. Should be made mandatory reading for children aged 6-10. I liked the Shadow Warrior Kathakali association particularly. Before that was the curious incident of the dog in the night-time (Mark Haddon — keeps reminding me of Haddon Mirk). I’m […]

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Waat eet ees, thees "vaari vaari"

IOHC over. Went quite well. 102 teams, 51 from IITK, 51 from outside. ~15 teams from outside India. Awesome fun. The contest is now open to all (for as long as I can persuade the authorities to let us retain an external IP). Won 3rd prize in Chaos (it’s an event where you’re given some […]

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Bounce bounce bounce

Home again. End-sem vacations end in less than a week. Was a much-needed break — the previous semester got very stressful towards the end. Exams were okay. Got very bored towards the end of the last, and left it a little incomplete. [shrug] Thesis topic should be finalised before the year is through. Will update […]

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